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What is MRO Insyte?

MRO Insyte is an industrial data and materials management consultancy. In over thirty years of working in the MRO sector the common issue when working with clients on their materials management challenges has been the quality of the data. So, for 2017, in response to requests from a number of our clients we are re-launching our website to highlight the solutions to improving data quality so that the information that the data provides is accurate and can be utilised more effectively when dealing with materials management issues. You may say we are putting the horse before the cart.

In 2017 there will be a lot of publicity regarding quality identifier prefixes (QUIP) through a prefix name system (PNS) along the lines of the current domain name system (DNS) used for web addresses.

There will also be a lot of publicity regarding standard technical specifications to ISO 8000, these may be referred by the acronym eSTS.

MRO Insyte is at the forefront of both of these initiatives, and there will be further information on these subjects on the website.

MRO Insyte offers master data consultancy and training for manufacturers, distributors and end users. As a key consultant for ECCMA, MRO Insyte also offers ECCMA ISO 8000 certification for data, systems, and people.

The key to the training and consultancy is demystifying the relationship between ISO 8000 and ISO 22745, and how each standard plays a key role in creating portable data that meets the stated requirement.  Sector specific training in the Oil and Gas sector explains how ISO 8000 quality data covers both spares and equipment and therefore can meet the goals of ISO 14224 and ISO 15926, with established dictionaries and identification guides.

The training also covers the subject of cataloguing at source (C@S) and how corporations can save millions of dollars on greenfield projects by adopting ISO 8000 clauses in their purchase contracts.

The website is designed to be an ISO 8000 quality data resource depository.  It contains many types of resources; some articles are of a technical nature, some are opinion pieces, others are graphics that are part of the demystification process.

Feel free to offer feedback if there are any aspects of ISO 8000 that you are still unsure of, and I will put together something to hopefully explain the issue more simply.


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SPIR’s – Archive

SPIR’s: are they worth the paper they’re written on? Oil and gas upstream projects typically rely on a document called a SPIR (spare parts interchange record) to collate the information on which they base their initial spare parts requirements. This SPIR document is...

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Master Data Mangement

Case Studies Master Data ManagementMaster Data Mangement Client’s Issue To improve MRO data prior to embarking on a global tendering exercise.   MRO Insyte’s solution Collect data from multiple sites and analyse for common terms and high usage and critical items....

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Warehouse Benchmarking

Case Studies Warehouse BenchmarkingWarehouse Benchmarking Clients Issue To understand the MRO inventory flow through multiple maintenance warehouses prior to setting up a global purchasing tender. To improve MRO data prior to embarking on a global tendering...

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Spares Optimisation

Case Study Spares OptimisationSpares Optimisation Client’s Issue Spares not available for key breakdowns, large proportion of spares with no recorded movements in three years MRO Insyte’s solution Working with production and maintenance teams MRO Insyte concentrated...

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