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Who is MRO Insyte?

MRO Insyte is an industrial data and materials management consultancy whose key players have over thirty years of experience working within the maintenance, repair and operations sector.  Our goal is to be globally recognised as a leading authority in these areas, delivering outcomes that deliver tangible benefits to our clients.

We already have a track record of delivering successful projects for maintenance storeroom reorganisations, maintenance system data transition, and cataloguing, in Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, Australia, the United States of America, and Europe for all sizes of companies in a wide range of sectors including automotive, FMCG, industrial distribution, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical.

Our background in materials management gives us a unique insight into MRO data, and our product knowledge of spare parts and equipment makes us uniquely placed to offer incisive consultancy and assessments services and bespoke training to industry.

What we do


MRO Insyte deliver consultancy services to organizations who wish to create new strategies, or update their current strategies for their: MRO Inventory; their MRO Warehouse; or their MRO Master Data.


MRO Insyte carry out assessments for organization who are seeking to improve the performance of their MRO Warehouse, or improve the profile of their MRO Inventory, or improve the quality of their MRO Master Data


MRO Insyte deliver training in all areas of our services to organizations that wish to improve the skills and knowledge of their staff, such as MRO Inventory or MRO Master Data.

Support Services

MRO Insyte offers support services to organizations who wish to have access to specialized resources on a call-off basis.

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Inventory, warehouse, repair and spares strategy

We work with organizations to develop an effective inventory and warehouse strategy that takes into account the needs of all the stakeholders, including purchasing, logistics, warehouse, projects, and most importantly, the user of the items, the maintenance team.

Strategy Relationships

The key question addressed in the repair and spares strategy is the operational response to an equipment failure, and this is based on the facilities, the capabilities, the resources and the location of the plant, all of which combine to create a unique requirement for spares to support the maintenance activity. The repair and spares strategy works to satisfy three key business areas:

  • It connects the equipment to the value stream (production)
  • It connects the demand to the equipment (maintenance)
  • It connects the supply to the demand (supply chain)

Master Data Strategy

We work with organizations to develop a master data strategy based on the international data quality standard ISO 8000. The strategy will cover both the organizational structure, and how characteristic data is collected and exchanged within your organization, and between external organizations. The ability to create, collect, store, maintain, transfer, process and present quality data to support business processes in a timely and cost-effective manner, is the key to operational efficiency.


Inventory Analysis and Profile

We analyse our data to establish a profile that meets the needs of the preventative maintenance strategy of your plant(s) and we offer a service that works to calculate the optimum level for capital and high value critical spares based on the operational and safety risks to the operation.

Our assessments begin with a four-week analysis of the current inventory data, and we then deliver an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the information in the data fields required for such an analysis. A scoring system for is introduced, enabling clients to monitor the improvements they make in the key best practices recommended in the assessment.

The assessment maps out a clear course of action and highlights the immediate threats to the operation in the current dataset. Depending on the skill sets and the operational pressures on the organization, these actions can be addressed with an internal team on their own, or by the internal team with oversight by a suitably qualified MRO Insyte consultant.

Warehouse Benchmarking

We visit your site and conduct interviews with key staff to understand the actions that influence the performance of your maintenance warehouse and measure the implementation of best practices.  The subsequent report details the scores to each question enabling clients to monitor the improvements they make in the key best practices recommended in the assessment. The assessment maps out a clear course of action and highlights the immediate threats to the operation

Data cleansing and data migration projects

If you are planning a data cleansing or data migration project, MRO Insyte can assess your requirements for the type of company to partner with, and the deliverables you wish to agree with your chosen partner. If you are having challenges with an existing project, MRO Insyte can independently review the progress and quality of the output, and work with the parties to secure a better outcome.

Master Data Quality

All aspects of your master data can be assessed for quality, and for compliance to ISO 8000, the data quality standard. The assessment will enable you to understand the characteristics of the data that determine its quality, and how to measure, manage and report on data quality.


Training is offered in all areas of our services, including inventory, warehousing and data.

MRO Insyte is an active member of the ISO committee that develops the international data quality standard. MRO Insyte is also a member of the ECCMA ISO 8000 MDQM examination board, and this is a free introduction course to ISO 8000.

MRO Insyte offers more specific follow on, on-site courses for companies wishing to implement ISO 8000. Training modules also cover the subject of cataloguing at source (C@S) and how corporations can save millions of dollars on greenfield projects by adopting ISO 8000 clauses in their purchase contracts.


Our aim with our consultancy, advisory, assessment, and training services is to ensure we will leave our clients in a position to be self-sufficient.

We recognise however, that this is not practical or desirable in certain situations, or that some businesses do not wish to permanently employ specialized staff. MRO Insyte therefore, offers support services that can be accessed on a call-off basis.

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