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Digital Data

ISO 8000 – the standard for quality digital data

The MRO Insyte website is designed, in part, to be a source of ISO 8000 education.  In the INSYTE section you will find a series of articles on the subject of ISO 8000 the international data quality standard.  It contains many types of resources; some articles are of a technical nature, some are opinion pieces, others are graphics that are part of the demystification process.

ISO 8000 enables the solution

  • ISO 8000 is the international data quality standard;
  • ISO 8000-100 series:
    • addresses how to manage master data quality from the smallest element – property values;
    • specifies the exchange format for characteristic data;
    • is the standard for a global specification library where specifications can be shared without loss of meaning in multiple languages;
    • specifies the .sdfx file format which is portable between systems and computer interpretable;
    • ensures the provenance and ownership of data in the supply chain;
    • enables identification of an asset using a structured unique identifier. Prefix : Manufacturers Identifier

What is the demand for ISO 8000?

ISO 8000:

  • is being adopted by governments as the National data quality and data exchange standard;
  • is being adopted by global corporations in the Oil and Gas sector;
  • has it’s syntax recognised by Search Engines;
  • has been proposed as part of the Smart Borders 2.0 project

ISO 8000-110:

  • is the digitalization standard for the industrial internet of things;
  • is designed for the semantic web;
  • is key to in the Oil and Gas Interoperability standard ISO 18101.

How do you know if you conform to the ISO 8000 characteristic data exchange standard?

ISO 8000 compliant data, is data that satisfies the conformance requirements stated in ISO 8000-110

  • A master data message shall unambiguously state all information necessary for the receiver to determine its meaning and in which context its value is valid.
  • A formal syntax shall be specified using a formal notation.
  • A data specification shall be specified using a computer-interpretable language.
  • A master data message shall refer explicitly both to the data specification or specifications it fulfils and to the formal syntax or syntaxes to which it complies.
  • It shall be possible to check the correctness of the master data message against both its formal syntax and its data specification automatically by computer.
  • The references within a master data message to data dictionary entries shall be in the form of unambiguous identifiers that belong to an internationally-recognized scheme.

    An internationally-recognized scheme could be ISO 22745 concept identifiers

    ISO 22745 and ISO 8000: How do they work together?

    The most popular article on our website over the past couple of years has been SPIR’s: are they worth the paper they’re written on?”. This has been recently revised, so we invite you to re-read the latest version. The Insyte page also offers links to important documents from authoratative sources other than MRO Insyte.

    Feel free to offer feedback if there are any aspects of ISO 8000 that you are still unsure of, we will endeavour to update the Insyte section with articles on various topics on a regular basis.

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