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ALEI Prefixes

ALEI Prefixes


Syntax requirements for Authoritative Legal Entity Identifiers (ALEI)

a) An Authoritative Legal Entity Identifier shall conform to ISO 8000-115

b) The prefix element shall be the ISO 3166-2 code for country and subdivision if applicable followed by the full stop character ‘.’ (UTF-8 character 2E) followed by an acronym representing the register maintained by the administrative agency for the governing body of a nation, state, or community that assigned the identifier element.


1. ECCMA is a registered corporation in the State of Delaware for which the ISO 3166-2 code for country and subdivision is US-DE. Within the State of Delaware, the Division of Corporations is the administrative agency that assigns identifiers for juridical persons represented on documents of formation. In the US the common name for the register is the “Business Entity Register”. The prefix element would therefore be “US-DE.BER”.

2. XYZ is a physical person born in the State of California for which the ISO 3166-2 code is US-CA. In the State of California, the California Department of Public Health(CDPH) is the administrative agency for vital records (VR) it assigns identifiers for physical persons represented on birth certificates. The prefix element would therefore be “US-CA.VR”.

c) The identifier element shall consist of the colon character “:” (3A) followed by a character combination assigned by the department of the administrative agency for the governing body of a  nation, state, or community for a physical or juridical person for which they have granted legal status. This element may include any character combination capable of being represented in UTF-8 encoding (as specified by ISO/IEC 10646). The element shall be at least two characters in length (that is, at least one character in addition to the starting “:”).


ECCMA is a registered corporation in the State of Delaware (US-DE) where the Business Entity Register (BER) is maintained by the Division of Corporations. ECCMA’s registration number is 3031657. The ALEI for ECCMA is US-DE.BER:3031657

d) The quality identifier shall not exceed a total length of 254 UTF-8 (as specified by ISO/IEC10646) characters.

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