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Master data management

Poorly collated data and unstructured material and equipment identification contributes to; Loss of time and production revenue due to unavailability of the correct spare parts

  • Reactive purchasing
  • Duplicate material listings
  • Weak procurement, due to lack of information
  • Increased inventory
  • MRO Insyte has extensive experience in the field of MRO master data.  We have managed a large number of material master projects for global corporations, and have gained valuable experience in dealing with equipment data, so often a neglected area of master data governance.
  • There are a number of standards that are applicable to the field of master data including ISO 8000, ISO 22745, ISO 15926, and ISO 14224, and we guide our clients through the practicalities of implementing these standards.

Developing rich and meaningful material master data speeds up item identification, sourcing, and retrieval activities, and facilitates detailed reporting and analysis. A structured catalogue of material master data shall ensure that the client is able to accurately identify, procure, store, and use the necessary items to support the efficient operation and maintenance of their assets.

The MRO Insyte content strategy is aimed at ensuring the final material descriptions of items meets the need of the client maintenance engineer, as well as the warehouse and purchasing personnel, and ideally all the elements of the supply chain including the manufacturer.

MRO Insyte take the same logical approach to equipment data; the final data must meet the needs of the end user and to achieve this we employ the same philosophy as championed by SAP

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