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Quality Master Data

ISO 8000 specifies requirements that can be checked by computer for the exchange, between organisations and systems, of master data that consists of characteristic data. It provides requirements for data quality, independent of syntax. It can be used with any other standard that specifies a formal syntax for a data set.

The ISO quality master data assessment is an ECCMA service that certifies if the company data reaches the standard required to be recognised as ISO 8000 quality data. ISO quality data is determined by satisfying various requirements including:

  • 1. Syntax
  • 2. Semantic encoding
  • 3. Conformance to data specifications

The key to the offering from MRO Insyte is the ability to demystify the standard. We explain how ISO 22745 is the foundation for achieving quality data, and how that standard is integral to ISO 8000. We work with our clients to demonstrate how straightforward it is, to reach the required standard using the data that already exists in your organisation, when you understand the standards.

The consultancy also covers the upcoming requirement for identifier prefixes, covered in ISO 8000 part 115 (CD) and the process for registering these prefixes with the registrar. The prefix is known as a quality identifier prefix (QUIP) and the consultancy covers the registration of your prefix and how the prefix is resolved via a prefix name server (PNS), a process that is virtually identical to the domain name server (DNS) that is used globally for website address names.

The final part of the consultancy covers ISO 8000 part 120. This part of the standard is concerned with provenance of the property values.  ISO 8000 part 120 is  key to the future of data quality, and technical specifications that include provenance are those you can trust the origin of.  Records that conform to this standard are known as electronic standard technical specifications and can carry the logo below

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