This site contains a number of articles and infographics that set out to explain and demystify ISO 8000. The articles cover the origins of the standard, the uses for the standard, and the benefits of adopting the standard. In addition to writing about ISO 8000, MRO Insyte also offers training, and in association with ECCMA, certification, of many aspects of ISO 8000. Please explore the training and certification offering on this site.

ISO 8000 is the international data quality standard. Awareness of, and compliance to, the standard is growing rapidly. Major corporations are now specifying ISO 8000 standard quality data in contracts, and a G20 country is soon to pass a law stating that all imported items must be accompanied by a data file that meets the requirements of ISO 8000 part 120.

ISO 8000 is one part of the series of standards covering Industrial automations systems and integration, a key series of standards that will influence the Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0 (also referred to as Industry 4.0, and Factory 4.0).

ISO 8000 part 115 and ISO 8000 part 120 are emerging standards that are revolutionising the exchange of quality data between organisations.

These data standards have the potential to save industry millions of dollars, you can view an infographic on the subject here, and you can download a presentation given to the ECCMA conference at the Boeing Future of Flight facility in Seattle (October 2016) here.


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What is the purpose of ISO 8000?

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Introduction The consequences of data quality are significant to businesses, governments and society in general. Poor quality data causes customer dissatisfaction, lost revenue and higher costs associated with additional time to reconcile data. Poor quality data can lead to a loss of credibility in a system and higher risks of … Read More