Whether you are a manufacturer passing technical data to your customers for products you manufacture, an industrial distributor receiving that data to populate your web site and e-store, or an end user trying to get data from your engineering and procurement contractor for your newly constructed site, you will understand the many issues surrounding the methods of transmitting and receiving that data, and the inconsistent formats of the data transmitted and received.

Having a standard methodology for describing a product, and a standard way of transmitting and receiving that data would save industry millions of dollars world wide.

Help is at hand; there is an established, if not well known, ISO process for describing items and a protocol for transmitting the data.

ISO 22745 is that standard, and a standard technical specification, known as an eSTS, created in an exchange file format conforms to ISO 22745 part 40.

How do I create an eSTS?

First, you collate the words or terms that you use in your company, you define them, and then map them or add them to the ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary, know as the eOTD. The eOTD links terms to definitions and xml codes, so that the terms you use are easily read by machines and just as importantly, can be automatically translated into many languages simultaneously.

Next, you collate the technical specifications that you have already created in your system, and you take the mappings you have established, and you create templates for each item that you produce, you may download existing templates or create your own.

The completed record will consist of three key pieces of information:

  • The identifier – is your brand name and part number
  • The class name – describes what the product is
  • The characteristics, values and units of measure that define and differentiate your product

Your completed record is now ready to upload to the ECCMA Technical Specification Repository and will be available to the world in a standard, easily exchangeable format for your clients and contractors alike.

Where can I get assistance to create my eSTS?

Please contact your ECCMA representative direct or if your country is not listed below contact ECCMA.org