MRO Insyte Three-Day Master Data Quality Provider Course

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The Programme

To reach the standard required for certification by ECCMA for being a Master Data Quality Provider, an organisation needs to understand the fundamental principles of ISO 8000 and ISO 22745.

The course covers the six fundamental principles of ISO 8000 part 110 and how ISO 22745 supports those principles, and sets the company on the journey to ECCMA MDQP certification.

Who Should Attend?

This programme is designed for master data cataloguing companies and software providers who wish to achieve accreditation, as well and those personnel managing data projects that aim to achieve ISO 8000 quality data from their project, these may include:

  • Dictionary managers
  • Master Data Manager
  • Project managers
  • Sales managers
  • Software developers
  • Programme Overview

The training course is broken up into six sessions, the first part of each session covers the background of the standards, the second part is a discussion on what the company must do to implement the standard. At the end of the six sessions an action plan is compiled by the delegates and forms the basis for the project plan required to implement the changes required to conform to the standards.


Class size is limited to six (6) delegates per instructor in order to allow delegates to work with a dedicated personal instructor throughout the course. Delegates will emerge from the course with a clear plan to meet the standards. Companies obtaining the ECCMA MDQP certification will be on the list of recommended organisations when ECCMA are asked to recommend quality providers.

Course Duration

The MRO Insyte cataloguing course consists of a total of twenty-four (24) hours of instruction, conducted in six (4), four-hour sessions over three (3) days.


The programme is offered by MRO Insyte.  MRO Insyte encourages all companies to become a member of ECCMA, an internationally recognised not-for-profit association of data quality, data governance, and data analyst professionals (see

The cost of a three-day programme, with one instructor, for a maximum of six (6) delegates is $4,500. The price for full ECCMA members is $3,500.

Fees must be paid prior to the commencement of the training.

Instructor travel costs, including flights, local transportation, hotel and meals, vary by location and are payable in addition to the course costs.

Important note

It is the responsibility of the delegates to ensure that they have purchased legal copies of both ISO 8000 and ISO 22745 from the ISO store or from their local standards body, and that these copies are available during the course.