MRO Insyte and ECCMA Consulting

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MRO Insyte Master Data Cleansing and Cataloguing Project Management

Cataloguing and data cleaning can often appear deceptively simple. However, as companies implement MDM initiatives, they often find that progress is unexpectedly slow or that they are consuming more internal resources than anticipated. MRO Insyte can provide training and support for in-house resources, and can also recommend highly experienced and reliable service providers to compliment in-house resources to lower the per record cost and meet critical Go-Live deadlines.

ECCMA Scoping Study

The ECCMA Data Cleansing Project Scoping Study is designed to provide ECCMA members with an independent and authoritative assessment of the quality of their data prior to contracting for data cleansing services. The objective is to define the quantity and quality of the source data and provide a framework for measuring the quality of the data to be delivered by the contractor. The ECCMA Scoping Study helps companies focus on those items which matter most, saving precious time and money in the MDM improvement efforts.

ECCMA Master Data Governance Consulting

Maintaining quality master data requires oversight. The corporate dictionary, library of cataloguing templates, descriptions rules and classifications need to be managed as does the new item creation, master data validation and duplicate resolution processes. Master data is an important and valuable corporate asset, its security and its legal integrity must be protected. ECCMA can provide valuable insight on how to build effective master data governance programs to create and maintain ISO 8000 quality master data.

ECCMA Supply Chain Master Data Governance Consulting

The ECCMA team of Data Governance experts can help companies map their existing supply chain master data creation processes and provide custom-tailored best practices and techniques for improving efficiency.  One of the added benefits of using ECCMA (the world’s most authoritative and independent source of information and expertise on master data) is to help overcome some of the internal political strife often encountered during business process change by offering a neutral outside expert opinion.

ECCMA Data Migration Preparation Training & Consulting for Large Implementations

Since the sole reason for implementing a new system is to house and process data, then it only makes sense to put a concerted effort into understanding how data is moving into and behaving within the new application.  ECCMA cannot count the number of sad stories we hear about data problems discovered too late which significantly delayed or financially encumbered an otherwise well-managed project. If you or your client are preparing for a large data migration, we can help you better prepare for and manage the data aspect of the project through training on: data object definition, requirements collection and mapping, ETL process improvement and quality controls, data validation planning and execution, and the employment of pragmatic data quality metrics.