ECCMA ISO 8000 Data Quality Twenty (20) Hour Training Course

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The Programme

Data Quality is a team effort; it impacts all aspects of a business. On the buy-side, data impacts requisition, purchasing, and the accuracy of spend analysis, as well as the efficiency of inventory and warehouse management. On the sell-side, data impacts product information and classification, as well as the creation and distribution of marketing materials. Not everyone is required to know how to catalogue, how to create a good master data record, or how to create a good description, but everyone must be able to recognise good data and know how to correct it when it does not meet their requirements.

This programme covers:

  • The fundamentals of ISO 8000 quality data (portable data that meets requirements)
  • How to evaluate Data Quality
  • How to work with upstream and downstream data supply chains to validate data requirements and the data itself

Who Should Attend?

This programme is designed for any individual or team where data quality directly impacts the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of the execution of their daily tasks. The following are job titles that are known to benefit from this programme:

1. Buy-side:

  • Cataloguer
  • Master Data Manager
  • Requisitioner
  • Inventory Manager
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Expediter
  • Buyer
  • Contract Manager
  • Supplier Relationship Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Data Analyst

2. Sell-side:

  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Export Manager
  • Website Manager
  • Electronic Catalogue Manager
  • Programme Overview

This is a hands-on, practical programme, where attendees are requested to bring samples of the data they use in their daily tasks in order to discuss how to identify the deficiencies in the data and what practical steps they can take to remediate the deficiencies.

Students start by a review of the three (3) fundamental characteristics used to measure ISO 8000 data quality. Students then learn the importance of a corporate dictionary and how to specify requirements for data. Once students have covered the theory, they will focus on examples of descriptions of goods or services and learn how to deconstruct them to evaluate their quality. Students will complete the programme with a clear understanding of how to identify the gaps in their data, how to develop a concrete action plan, as well as how to work with their data supply chain to obtain and validate data. Students will learn industry best practices and how to modify existing habits and procedures to incorporate these practices.

During the practical sessions, students will be using the ECCMA Master Data Validation (eMDV) application to obtain data and automatically construct standardised names and descriptions.

Upon completion of the course, students will be offered the opportunity to take the ECCMA ISO 8000 Master Data Quality Manager (MDQM) Certification test. This is an online test of approximately 60 multiple choice questions. Upon successful completion of the test, students will be certified by ECCMA as ISO 8000 Master Data Quality Managers. The certificate is valid for one year and can be renewed by taking the online test on or before the renewal date.


  • Class size is limited to five students per instructor to allow students to work with a dedicated personal instructor throughout the course.
  • Students will be learning to apply the principles of quality data to their own daily tasks.
  • Students can obtain an ECCMA ISO 8000 Master Data Manager certification and become part of the ECCMA certified data quality manager network.

Course Duration

The ISO 8000 data quality course consists of a total of twenty (20) hours of instruction, preferably conducted in five (5) consecutive half-day (4-hour) sessions.


The programme offered by ECCMA is only available to members of the association.  In order to participate in a programme, a company must be a member of ECCMA, an internationally recognised not-for-profit association of data quality, data governance, and data analyst professionals (see

The cost of a one-week programme with one instructor for ten delegates consisting of two groups of five delegates, with one session being taught in the morning and one session in the afternoon, is $5,400 or $540 per delegate.  A minimum of five delegates is required.

Fees must be paid prior to the commencement of the training.

Instructor travel costs, including flights, local transportation, hotel and meals, vary by location and are payable in addition to the course costs.

The company is responsible for providing training facilities to include an adequate size room with a projector and screen, as well as white board or the equivalent. The instructor and delegates will also require access to the internet in order to access the eMDV application, conduct their research, and take the ECCMA ISO 8000 Master Data Quality Manager (MDQM) Certification test.

Customisation Costs

The training programme can be customised to specific company requirements at a cost of $7,200. Customisation includes a review of company specific procedures and goals, resulting in an adjustment to the curriculum. Customisation is performed by an ECCMA Senior Analyst or Senior Instructor. If a site visit is required, then travel costs, including flights, local transportation, hotel and meals, are additional and vary by location.

Use of the eMDV Application

The training programme is focused on the application of the fundamental principles of recognising, creating and maintaining ISO 8000 quality data. While the training programme can be applied to any cataloguing or master data management software application, the ECCMA Master Data Validation application (eMDV) is used to introduce students to the process of creating quality data. The programme includes a complimentary 30-day license to the basic version of the application for all participants. The eMDV is an ISO 8000-120 compliant software application that is linked to the ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary (eOTD) and open cataloguing templates in the ECCMA Data Requirement Registry (eDRR).

The following table describes licensing fees beyond the 30-day complimentary period:


ECCMA Cataloguing and Validation Application.
Pricing is based on an account (legal entity) with on or more identified users.
Users access the application using a username and password.
Price per account per month$500$2500$5000
Maximum hosted master data20,0000 Records1000,000 Records5000,000 Records
Maximum number of users525250
Requisitioner Licence per user per monthFreeFreeFree
Outsourced new item creation and screening per item$10$6$5
Free text description creation.
Uses ISO 2274-30 data specification template.
Converts structured master data to single text description
New item creation.
Uses ISO 2274-30 data specification template.
Converts structured master data to ISO 2274-40 technical specifications
Languages available for description generationEnglishEnglishEnglish
Data export (.csv, ISO22745 XML)YesYesYes
Secure server (HTTPS compliant tls)SharedSharedDedicated

Features and pricing subject to change 31/05/2016


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