Creating Electronic Standard Technical Specifications (eSTS)

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The Programme

Accurate cataloguing of assets and spare parts is a key foundation of end-user operational efficiency.  The course is designed for manufacturers who supply end-users with assets and spare parts.  The course covers all aspects of the creation of Electronic Standard Technical Specifications (eSTS), turning your existing technical specifications into an internationally recognised, computer exchangeable format, starting with the creation of a corporate Electronic Open Technical Dictionary (eOTD).  The course is designed for companies who wish to allocate internal resources to the creation and management of their eSTS programme.  The course covers the creation of Electronic Standard Technical Specifications (eSTS) that conform to ISO 22745 Part 40, also known as ISO 8000 Part 120.

This programme will demonstrate the following:

  • Data versus information
  • Cataloguing at source (C@S)
  • Creating a corporate dictionary
  • Transforming your current technical specifications into electronic technical specifications

Who Should Attend?

This programme is designed for any sell-side individual or team that needs to understand how to create Electronic Standard Technical Specifications (eSTS) to the international standard ISO 8000 Part 120. The following are a sample of sell-side job titles that will benefit from this programme:

  • Product Sales Manager
  • Product Technical Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Export Manager
  • Website Manager
  • Electronic Catalogue Manager

Programme Overview

This is a training course that involves the use of an on-line tool.  Attendees are requested to bring samples of technical specifications that they are familiar with and, over the course of the programme, we will transform these specifications into eSTS records.

During the first session, delegates will learn the importance of the following: a corporate dictionary, what is meant by an Identification Guide, the correct way to compose a quality identifier, and adding values and units of measure to create master data records.  Delegates will also learn the difference between data and information, and how clients are starting to specify requirements for data.  Once delegates have covered the theory, they will focus on their own examples of technical specifications and they will be guided in the conversion of that technical specification into an eSTS record using the MRO Insyte KOIOS tool.

On the morning and early afternoon of the second day, delegates will continue to convert records and become confident that their organisation can continue this programme and be able to respond to customer demands for ISO 8000 quality data.


Class size is limited to five delegates per instructor in order to allow delegates to work with a dedicated personal instructor throughout the course. Delegates will learn to apply the principles of quality data to their own daily tasks.

Course Duration

The MRO Insyte course on Creating an eSTS consists of a total of sixteen (16) hours of instruction, conducted in four (4), four-hour sessions over two (2) days.


This programme is offered by MRO Insyte.  MRO Insyte encourages all companies to become a member of ECCMA, an internationally recognised not-for-profit association of data quality, data governance, and data analyst professionals (see

The cost of a two-day programme with one instructor for a maximum of five delegates is $3,250.  The price for a full ECCMA members is $2,500.  This price includes the use of the software for a period of thirty (30) days following the course.

Fees must be paid prior to the commencement of the training.

Instructor travel costs, including flights, local transportation, hotel and meals, vary by location and are payable in addition to the course costs.